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0.5 GB

SSD Space

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1 TB

Incredible Features

Our SSD VPS solution provides the best solid state virtual private servers.
Solid State Drive VPS Hosting

Pure SSD

Instead of mere SSD caching, our VPS is pure SSD. Our servers are powered by 480 GB Intel 520 SSD’s with hardware RAID 10.

dedicated virtual server hosting

Instant Activation

No waiting. Just order, pay and receive your VPS server in minutes. SSD VPS is about speed and performance right from the start.


Many Templates

You can start making the best use of our VPS templates right after instantly activating your service.

ssd virtual private servers

Scalable VPS

You can easily scale up or down based on your business needs. Our upgradeable VPS adjusts resource allotments to meet your needs optimally

ssd virtual private servers

100% Uptime

Virtually uninterrupted performance. Get the best speed; don’t let downtimes and other holdups affect your business.

ssd virtual private servers

Unique Performance

View real time performance data to see what’s going on in your VPS. You can also see historical views of this data.

The Benefits of Solid State Drives

Speed - this is the single most important benefit of using solid state drives or SSD. Compared to conventional storage, using SSD for virtual private servers delivers much faster disk I/O performance. Your website’s performance will increase dramatically. SSD VPS is especially crucial for websites with considerable dynamic content or databases.

  • Solid State Drive VPS Hosting Pure SSD, Instant Activation, Many Templates
  • SSDVPS Upgrade Anytime, 100% Uptime, Unique Performance

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